Things You Don't Try at Home

CGW has the expertise, space, and safety equipment to perform those experiments that you don't want to do around the house. And if it's too crazy, we'll probably talk you out of it.

Things We Do Together

CGW works as a team to build projects and participate in competitions. We've also been known to challenge one another to improve our engineering skills.

Things We Know

Our membership has knowledge in a wide variety of fields, from woodworking to 3D printing, from software to electronics. We're happy to share our experiences to help you build.

The Fun Stuff

No matter what they do, our members want to have a great time. If you don't know about the hacker and maker spirit, you'll just have to come meet us.

Tools to Get Stuff Done

The CGW shop has tools that most people just don't have access to. If you need a hole in just the right spot, something that needs cut in just the right way, or even a computer that can talk to Arduinos, we can probably help you out.

Columbia Gadget Works was established in 2010 and has been building projects and experience ever since. We've grown from meeting in our member's homes into a full blown hackerspace, with a shop rented just north of downtown.

We have members interested in woodworking, robotics, rapid prototyping, electronics, CNC machining, software, and anything in between. If you need advice for the project you're working on, you'll find someone to talk to here. Our shop has tools to help you in any area of your build, and our members are happy to share tips and tricks on how to use them.

Ready to get involved? Head on to our membership page to learn about joining and supporting our organization, along with some of the benefits you'll get as a member. You can also join the CGW Google Group to take part in discussions about all things hacker related. Or check out our Meetup page to find out about any upcoming events we have scheduled.

If you'd just like to check out the space and maybe meet some of us, please drop by for one of our Open Hack Nights. Every Thursday at 7:00pm, we open our doors to the public and try to get our weekly dose of social interaction. Members often come out to work on projects, show off projects, ask questions, or just hang out with fellow makers and hackers. You are more than welcome to meet us, ask questions, or just look around at what we have to offer.